1. Where are the products made?

    The products are manufactured in Asia. We are direct outlets of factories, which have many years of experience in manufacturing luxury , and so the quality of products are not compromised.

2. How good are the products?

    They are in authentic quality.  The bags are made of high quality genuine leather by experienced workers with excellent workmanship. We pay attention to every details including the correct marking, labels and embossment.  We have good quality control. We double check the products before sending them out to ensure that they are perfect when leaving our hand.

3.Are your pictures from the actual replica or the genuine Luxury on the Web site?

     You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have up on our website. Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine Luxury. But that is NOT true! We guarantee 100% that all pictures taken from our site are actual pictures of our replicas handbags! The handbags look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else's pictures, or pictures of the genuine Luxury.

4.Are the pictures posted on the site the real items that customer will receive?

   Yes. We took the pictures of the products before we listed the items for sale on our webstore.

5.Are these product of high quality or will they break after I open the box?

    It depends on how you wear it. If you wear it regularly, it will last a few years without any problems. The Luxury we offer are of a very high quality. These are not the low quality Luxury you will find on the streets that will break after a few days, these will last for years!

6.What if the products I need is not available?

   If the item you need are not posted on our website, you can submit an enquiry to me at lowry1108@gmail.comTo facilitate your inquiry, please kindly send us the model name and number, if possible, please send us the picture of the items you wish to enquire.

7. Does the bags come with dust bag, locks and keys, tag?

   Yes, all our bags come with dust bag, locks and keys (if applicable), tag.

8.How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You can contact us based on our information if you wish to cancel or change your order. If we do not hear from you about canceling or changing orders within 24 hours, we will deal with the shipment for you.

9How do I know that you are trustworthy? 

We offer payment option (paypal) that offers buyer protection, ie.  if you do not receive your order, it will reverse the payment; if the product is not as described, I have to accept return for full refund.